Erin Fernandez
Game Designer
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Super Bride and Groom

Super Bride and Groom

Released in Flash, April 2011

Lead Level Designer, Designer, Artist

Mean Jellybean, Project Creative Lead. I designed fifteen levels of retro platformer gameplay for this autobiographical game, based on my real-life wedding. I also designed all of the enemies and was responsible for all art and graphic design.


Jojo's Fashion Show: World Tour

Released for PC, October 2009

Lead Level Design, Project Lead as Freelance Telecommuter. I developed 100 levels of ramping casual gameplay for this fashion time management title. I oversaw all aspects of level design, including development of design tools and refinement of levels in response to playtesting data.


Disney Think Fast

Released for the Wii, October 2008

Creative Design and Associate Production

Disney Interactive Studio, Graduate Associate in the Think Tank program. Think Fast was developed from start to beta testing in the six months I interned at Disney Interactive Studios. I worked on many aspects of the project, from initial concept and design documents to controller schemes, question and visual design.

Endo Patrol

Immunology Video Game

Creative Lead and Texture Artist

Immunology Project, Spring Semester '07. Worked on a team of 6 ETC students to develop a game to teach the properties and parts of the immune system to middle schoolers.

Treasure on the Line

Rapid Iteration Jam-O-Drum Game

Texture Artist and Co-designer

Each boat is manned by a sailor and a grappler. Players work in teams to pull treasure out of the water...or off the other boat.

Design Notes: Developed in Building Virtual Worlds class for a naive user assignment, and designed to be intuitive and readable. The island in the center of the board creates opportunity for strategy--it serves as a protective wall, so it is easier for boats to steal and flee, and safer for a boat to head farther away from port to grapple a higher value item.

The Dark Knight

Texture Artist and Co-designer

A baby dragon is afraid to sleep, because he is afraid of the Dark Knight and his minions. Guests help him use his fiery breath to light torches and make the shadow humans disappear.

Design Notes: Help Someone Assignment, Building Virtual Worlds. Story experience designed a head mounted display (HMD) for the user to experience the what it's like to be a dragon. The input device for fire breathing is a temperature sensing phidget hidden in a dragon mask. The user blows hot onto the sensor to exhale a plume of fire.

Dice Game Orixas


Dice Game

Completely self produced, game board illustration and game design.

Game Design Course, Spring Semester '07.

twisted willy

Twisted Willy

Two-hour Tabletop RPG

Completely self produced, game design, character creation and balance.

Veruca Salt, Mike Teavee and Agustus Gloop are called together by Slugworth to investigate murderous happenings at the Wonka factory. Inspired by American McGee's Alice and his concept of Twisted Tales.

Game Design Course, Spring Semester '07.

Game Design Essays

? Too Much Freedom? The Cost of Customization in Final Fantasy XII ? The Miller Brothers: Constraints and Design, a Case Study
? What are Games Without Puzzles? A Study of Cyan's The Manhole  

Miscellaneous Writing

pdf Graduate Thesis
Puzzles and Possibilities, New Forms of Communication in the Electrate Age
doc Undergraduate Thesis
Patriarchy and its Remnants, Feminism in the Works of George Bernard Shaw and Pedro Almodóvar
? Story of Isaac: Haunting in The Shining ? Awareness of the Unconscious: The Struggle of the Spectator in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
? Blue Velvet: Scratching the Surface to See Behind the Candy Coat